How To Lower Your Blood Sugar: The 3 Best Teas for Diabetes

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how to lower your blood sugar: Teas for Diabetes
Did you know we all have 2 body parts that never stop growing? Our ears and our noses!

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Ever wondered if tea can help lower your blood sugar? Maybe it’s a myth or maybe it’s not. Check the 2 studies linked in the article below to read the actual medical publications and decide for yourself…

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Teas for diabetes?

Yes, various teas offer various kinds of health-boosting benefits, particularly for those who are dealing with diabetes. If left untreated, diabetes can harm the eyes, sensory system, heart, veins, and all of our organs.

Sadly, a few people don’t understand they have this dangerous disease until it’s too late and symptoms appear. Even though there is no remedy for diabetes, it can be controlled with exercise and diets. 

The reasons for diabetes varies. Factors include but are not limited too: heredity, inappropriate dietary propensities, stress, and stationary ways of life.

The medications used to treat this  condition cause serious side effects. Some common side effects include weakness, unsteadiness, and skin issue damage.

On account of the disturbing side effects, people are hesitant to use these medications for extended time frames. 

A lot of diabetics resort to using a natural treatment for diabetes. There are many teas for diabetes that people use to fight the disease. We are going to discuss 3 useful teas for diabetes.

These teas are harmless and don’t contain any side effects.

1: Rooibos Tea for Diabetes

Rooibos tea may help people who have diabetes lower their glucose levels. This can lessen the dangers of complexities associated with diabetes. Studies show  that the cell reinforcement – aspalathin – which is available in rooibos tea, has antidiabetic potential. Aspalathin will also help people with diabetes diminish their danger of vascular irritation and atherosclerosis. 

People who have diabetes are twice as likely to die from coronary illness than individuals who don’t have diabetes, as indicated by the AHA. 

Research proposes that aspalathin smothers the vascular aggravation that is the outcome from high glucose levels. There are low degrees of aspalathin in red rooibos tea, yet it is plentiful in the unfermented green tea.

Benefits of Rooibos Tea for Diabetes

rooibos tea fo diabetes

  • It has polyphenols that are considered to have anti-mutagenic, calming and anti-mutagenic traits. 
  • The best component of Rooibos tea is that it is caffeine-free. It is also enthusiastically recommended by doctors to the people who are experiencing sleep deprivation. 
  • Rooibos tea is rich in calcium, magnesium, and fluoride minerals that can help in building improving bone structure and strong teeth. It can also help battle tooth rot. 
  • The tea is great for those who have kidney stone issues since it doesn’t contain oxalic corrosive. 
  • The tea is rich in anti-spasmodic agents that are perfect for the treatment of stomach issues and stomach torments. 
  • Red Rooibos tea contains alpha-hydroxyl corrosive and zinc which is excellent for your skin. You can even apply red tea powder simply on your skin to fix pimples, skin break out, and burns from the sun. 
  • Red Rooibos tea can also assuage stress, anxious strains, and other hypertensive conditions. 
  • The antioxidants present in the tea help battle to age and helps support the human body’s safe framework.

2: Oolong Tea For Diabetes

Oolong Tea is strongly recommended for diabetics due to it’s numerous health benefits.  It is well known for diminishing lots of harmful conditions. For example; issues including irritation, elevated levels of cholesterol, coronary illness,  and enhancing bone structures.

It has low caffeine levels, and it quickly induces relaxation while is being enjoyed. It is somewhere in the middle of both green teas and black teas. 

The oolong tea strand has provided numerous medical advantages for individuals experiencing various types of health conditions. One of these medical advantages by Oolong tea is the ability to help diabetics with lowering their blood sugar levels. This is an expected effect thats basically attributed to the substance known as EGCG, which is found in oolong tea. 

Some researchers have published studies who argue that drinking oolong tea didn’t significantly improve glucose levels or insulin levels.

In any case, drinking oolong tea may bring down the danger of Type 2 diabetes and stall the development of any diabetes symptoms. Daily usage of oolong tea brings down high glucose levels for anyone by as much as 30%.

We support the idea that oolong tea is important to bringing down glucose levels in patients with Type 2 diabetes. 

Any Other Benefits of Oolong Tea for Diabetes?

  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Sharpens thinking aptitudes 
  • Diminishes the torment from joint pain 
  • Decreased danger of developing vaious kinds of illnesses
  • Prevents osteoporosis (diminished bone mineral thickness) 
  • Reduces cardiovascular infection and improves overall heart well-being 

  • Induces weight reduction and decreases heftiness chance with it’s fat burning capabilities
  • Prevents diabetes 
  • Reduces, stress levels, anxiety,  and nervousness by relaxing the sensory system

3: Dandelion Tea For Diabetes

dandelion tea for diabetesIf you think that the dandelions that sprout in your garden each spring and summer are only irritating weeds, you should think again. All throughout a significant part of the world, dandelions are treasured as a supplement rich food source and as a therapeutic herb.

Recently, the dandelion has picked up acknowledgment inside the western academic network as a cell reinforcement and as a malignancy battling specialist. 

Dandelion tea helps people with diabetes by invigorating the creation of insulin from the pancreas and keeping blood glucose levels low. If our pancreas doesn’t create  insulin, or if our cells can’t appropriately process insulin, it can bring about diabetes. 

Since the glucose in our blood isn’t being appropriately used, it gathers in the circulation system. This results in high blood glucose levels or high sugar levels. To battle diabetes naturally, dandelion tea enables the body to evacuate the overabundance of sugar that is put away in the body.

This is because it’s a diuretic. 

The Benefits Of Dandelion Tea For Diabetes

  • It is an energy booster.
  • Viable as a characteristic diuretic. 
  • Dandelions have calming properties that upgrade the resistant framework and reinforce the liver and gallbladder. 

dandelion tea for diabetes

  • It advances heart wellbeing and brings down cholesterol. 
  • Rich in choline and lecithin, it can improve memory. 
  • The powerful cell reinforcements in dandelions make it a specialist and decent enemy for battling malignant growth. 


The above-mentioned teas can help you in your effort to deal with your diabetes, particularly for those with type 2 diabetes. These teas have numerous properties that can help you differentiate what influences you prefer to experience based on the symptoms you are experiencing. 

Small biological differences between all of us can drastically effect how we naturally self treat ourselves.

No matter which tea or combination of teas that you end up choosing, you prioritize the betterment of you overall well being. Always include your doctor in the discussion of your strategies.

Your doctor may or may not support you.

You will know what’s best based on how you feel. Ask for guidance and some direction. With a little bit of calculated experimentation, you may find that these teas improve personal satisfaction – especially or those living with diabetes. 

Hopefully, this article has given you all the information about 3 beneficial teas that will help you in fighting diabetes and living a happier life.

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