Great Job! You’ve successfully scheduled your strategic assessment call with Victor Vega!

IMPORTANT!!! Please read...

I will call you from 908-388-4916. Please save this number in your phone now.

Please make sure that you are in a quiet room. Please do not take the call from your car or any other noisy place! If you take the call in a car or a noisy location we will cancel the call with you, and we will not allow you to reschedule another one.

I’ve sent you confirmation of your call’s time and date via email, please make sure that you put this in your calendar right now.

I will call you at the precise time that you selected. I’d like to kindly request to please make sure that you are ready when I call. If you are more than five minutes late, then the call will be cancelled and you will not be able to reschedule another one.
I look forward to helping you explore your current situation and seeing if there are any life insurance options I can offer that you would like to apply for with me!
 – Victor Vega

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